Queen Atlantic Cranks

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For the first time
yesterday afternoon
it felt to me
like winter.

Our 1850’s Queen Atlantic
was cranking out the heat
and I threw some star anise
and cinnamon sticks in
the hydrating water so
the house smelled like
mulled cider.

Snow covered the ground
the squirrels invaded the
feeder and

The holiday spirit
infused me.

Now I can go inward and enjoy
this time, make what I make,
cook what I want, do nothing
and curl up with a good book.



  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Wow ! That queen is beautiful and has a magnificent throne !
    Feeling the same about the coziest of winter setting in. The studio feels extra special and like the perfect place to be.
    Enjoy the season, enjoy the day !

  2. WOW. Gorgeous old gal there. Enjoy the cold in your cosy setting. Thanks also for the visit! I'll be back!

  3. La Dolce Vita says:

    what a beauty! we have been hunkered down now for oh, 5 or six snows now. at least a foot and more on the way… I agree, time to go inward …

  4. lk moonwood says:

    Sounds wonderful! I'm envious of that woodstove – it's magnificent! I miss having a woodstove and having the steaming water on top – I love that you added the spices. (I'm sitting here trying to warm up in front of a space heater…) It's in the 20s – not very common around here! I'm HOPING for a pile of snow, so that schools will be closed and I can stay home, too!
    (p.s. thanx so much for the comment!) xoxo lulu

  5. Bet she was crankin again today. Love that mosaic work.

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