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I spent alot of time outside on this glorious
day and all I could think about was stones,
rocks, boulders, glacial erratics.
I am attracted to stones in a way I
cannot explain.  I always pick up a
rounded stone or two on my walks
with the dogs. All my gardens are
lined with stone.  I read poetry
about stones, I photograph stones.

I think they call to me because their stories
are so grand and full of history, just like
really old trees, they can teach us a thing
or two if we are only willing to listen.

In my life thus far I believe I have
moved more than a thousand stones
onto our property.  I don’t know if
I am trying to anchor us or let us
sink into the soft earth, but I keep
piles of small smooth stones everywhere,
in the house, and all around our land,
the more the merrier.
Like this photo above of a friend’s sunken
garden in Norway, stones provide safe
haven for a fish who is always swimming
in two directions at once, they give me
something to hold onto in case the
current gets too strong….


  1. lyle baxter says:

    hi, stones are a big thing here too. I dont have much mulch river rock instead and the driveway and patio are in small stone! I'm always finding special stones right here plus toni and I both look anyplace we go for good rocks! she was a geologist in a past life! I get to ask all sorts of questions! did you go to ruggles mine when we were at squam? you said rocks? its atop a mountain. you can go in the mine open pit and tunnels looking for all sorts of semi precious stones. we enjoyed it!

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