Truly Lovely Gifts

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We were so happy to receive this portrait of our
Blossom.  Done by the lovely Benedetta,
folk artist extraordinaire, we now feel like
Blossom has come home again.
Benedetta seems to capture the sweetness
in Blossom and you should see some
of her other animal portraits, her cats
are marvelous and her bunnies too.
I also purchased a beautiful mixed media
art doll sewn by the talented Jane at
The Seventh Magpie.  My doll is the
one in the middle if you click on the link
and says “I am on the threshold”,
to be part of the shrine in the studio
along with many hawk and crow feathers,
driftwood, a collaged book and cigar
box holding vintage letters
and special pottery pieces I have found
that charmed me.

The stitching on the doll’s face and wings is quite
refined and the fabrics are too.  Jane’s work is
so well done, please check out her blog and etsy
shop too!



  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    I love Benedetta's portrait of Blossom ! Her work is so filled with love and she captured your friend so beautifully !
    Some lovely gifts indeed !
    Hope you have a cozy evening.
    Hugs !

  2. lk moonwood says:

    Both of these gifts are so lovely. I was so sorry to read about Blossom, but this portrait will surely bring happy memories. Corrine, thank you so much for your visits, I am so happy to meet you here in Bloglandia! I enjoyed contemplating your blog's name and the descriptor on your banner – "always swimming in two directions at the same time" – isn't that the truth! Your photos are stunning and I love seeing what you're doing with your fabric collages – fun!
    : ) lulu

  3. I love Blossom's portrait! What a wonderful way to keep her tucked in your heart.

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