Sneak Peak

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A sneak peak of some of the pieces I am putting in the Library show.
Thanks to my friend Eileen, this is a
terrific opportunity to get some work
out there.  I completed 10 pieces in all
(6) 10×10’s and (4) 15×15’s.
The sewn collages were completed before
I went to Squam, but the mounting, painting
of the backgrounds, encaustic wax and acrylic
sealing of the larger pieces all had to be done
in the last two weeks, post Squam, post my
fried brain from all the love and learning
we did at Squam.
It was a fabulous exercise in the discipline
required to work(and somehow be creative
when all I wanted to do was sleep, relax,
read a book, clear my desk in the office),
and I did it.  Pieces hang on Monday.

Are the pieces perfect – nope.
Is the wax too heavy in some spots – yup.
Am I generally pleased to just do it-absolutely.
I will take some photographs when they are hung on a sunny day
in bright light.
The most important lesson I take from this exercise
in discipline is that at Squam, from Judy Wise and
Sarah Ahearn I realized some key things about
my process and why I do what I do.  They helped
me to see inside my own mind in a new way.
This exhibit is dedicated to them.


  1. You go girl! Congratulations!

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Looking great, Corrine ! Enjoy this part of the process too!;)
    Love the dedication.
    Happy Weekend !

  3. BEautiful!

    xox – eb.

  4. I love your pieces for the show~ the colors are amazing! You should be so proud of yourself, and my gosh you are already trying out the Judy Wise wax method – impressive!!!! I haven't even taken out the "notes" to figure out how to mix the wax mixture up yet. You put a girl to shame!

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