Cotton Candy Inspiration

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I love to work with recycled magazine pages.
They represent color and mood to me.

I especially like pages with multiple small photos
that give a sense of time or place.

These pasted images become something else
entirely when they are painted over,
written over, torn, cut up, sanded,
reconstructed, sewn into another collage,
layered, painted, chalked, drawn on
and now will be waxed.

The moving from a mood to a collage,
from a color sense to a palette. This process
is joy.


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Viva la collage !
    I had a pile of old Oprah mag in the shed that we were cleaning out yesterday. I was going to just through them all in the recycling bin but then decided to just give myself 1 hours with the pile and go through and cut out whatever jumped out at me. Fun ! Words, images, faces, bodies,colors, recipes, a new haircut I want and a beautiful photo of an awesome diamond ring to inspire David (next year will be 10 years for us) whose add said "Rock My World" so it had to be meant for me right ? The rest of the mags will go in the blue box but now I have a fun pile to work from. An hour well spent, I think !
    Happy creating !

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