Art Journal — Random


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Painting — Llado’s Third Eye


Here is a painting I did a while ago.  I never shared. Until now, maybe it's because I need some wisdom from that third eye to keep me going.  He's rather charming to me is this bull. Farmhouse rehab is in full swing and hopefully the home stretch.  Dog gates going in.  Deck being framed and soon we can move room by room to finish and move in.  Still a ton of work to do and we have been lamenting our "lost" summer.  Not once have I set a toe into the ocean.  Maybe in the Fall.  A couple … [Continue reading...]

Art Journal — A Patch of Blue


Finding comfort in a patch of blue.  Looking skyward, contemplating the universe.  I find that when I need to rest my eyes, rest my mind, that is exactly what I do.  Look at that patch of blue(or gray or clouds or rain).  Look into the expanse of sky. A bird may be flying, clouds may […]

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Art Journal – Sacred Architecture


I’ve been absent from the journal for several days and after working on farmhouse rehab today for quite a long time, I needed some non-thinking meditative creating.  I picked up a copy of Metropolis magazine, which we get for our business and was NOT even considering the whole farmhouse rehab when these words sacred architecture […]

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Art Journal — Random Type and Tape


Working in words, phrases, washi and gift wrap tape.  Did I mention how much I love the satin effect of gift wrap tape by Scotch.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it keeps stuff stuck. I have bought any art supplies for many months so I splurged on a bit of washi tape from Pretty Tape […]

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Art Journal — A Dress with Individuality


Working with limited materials is always a challenge.  A few magazine images(including the face), bits of envelopes, leftovers on the desk and a dress with individuality appeared.  Random play, individual results. linking to Mix-It-Monthly

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Art Journal — Sometimes the flow is lonely


Following the path, your path. Sometimes the flow is lonely. I’ve been thinking about how when you follow your path you are walking it alone.  Making choices about where you will go next can only be done by you.  Sometimes you walk with others, sometimes you leave others along the way, but you always truly […]

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Art Journal — A crazy dress to match some crazier hair


I am trying to squeeze some journal time in every day.  Art is definitely keeping me grounded through all the chaos that surrounds any renovation and relocation.  The crazy hair is how I feel, instead of my head exploding, the hair is.  The dress developed out of the crazy hair and has a super-heroine kind […]

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Art Journal — A Wild and Crazy Guy


Most of the studio is packed and ready to move, but I’ve left just enough supplies available to do some journaling with magazine collage.  Playing in my mind  with the idea of Mix-It-Monthly’s Crazy Dresses theme.  I found a silly guy with a funny expression and used him to build my page.  Any of you […]

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Art Journal — Frida and a Crazy Dress


There are two new challenges up this month at Art-Journal-Journey(Frida Khalo) and Mix-It-Monthly(Crazy Dresses).  In my limited art time these days I combined them both.  Art Journal as process and non-thinking just doing kind of way I created this dress out of fragmented food images and the Frida photo which I altered was actually a childhood […]

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