Architecture is Organic


I have always like the idea of organic architecture, houses that have soft edges and carved out rooms.  Adobe, mud, earthships. Nature as color, recycled elements and niches to relax in and read. unusual rooms with views. Like the earthships of Michael Richards in Taos, NM.   We had a chance to take an earthship tour last year.  The glass bottle walls were beautiful and the permaculture systems in place we so healing to the planet. Greywater to be filtered through planting beds that ultimately … [Continue reading...]

Pattern as Architecture


Patterns as architecture, as structure.  The warp and the weft woven to create pattern.  Lines of a pattern, blueprints. Clothing, roads, bridges "constructions" of architecture for the body; for life.  The architecture of our lives, the way we structure them, maps to our inner and out movements.  Wind-lines, clotheslines, fence-lines, animal tracks; roads to nowhere and everywhere.  Roads to here. Are you going my way to building something?  Linking to Art*Journal*Journey   … [Continue reading...]

I dreamed an Orb Weaver


I dreamed an orb weaver wove a web on top of my favorite coffee cup to remind me to embrace life and it’s connections. I’m glad to be connected to all of you. A smiling door to walk through A tangle of threads and a button from the sea The obscured view of me, of […]

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Around Here Lately


Always busy in my studio.  Working on the ideas that are flowing non-stop.  Having a hard time keeping up. I’ve been hosting over at art*journal*journey this month and most of my posts have been about the theme “Through My Window”, but I’ve been stitching up a storm behind the scenes and I thought I would […]

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At Summer’s End


Through the window at summer’s end.  Bathing suits will be packed away.  Socks come out and feet go in.  Birds feed hungrily on the berries that are left.  Cools weather seeps in and gives us rest.  Summer is over through my window.  But this childlike photo card makes me remember the endless days of my […]

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Stars and the Red Man


Brushing the stars The red man sighs through my window from on high Linking to Art*Journal*Journey through my window.  

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Magic and Mystery Always on View


Magic and Mystery always on view through my window is that true for you?   Linking to Art*Journal*Journey

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Dangling my feet


Dangling my feet out over the ledge I contemplate the neighbor’s hedge I saw these charming legs on a doll by artist Sara Hand and thought about dangling legs out a window.  A bit of humor for the challenge. Linking up to Art*Journal*Journey.    

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Dart Under The Red Moon


A bit of this and that for “Through My Window” at Art*Journal*Journey.  Over the USA Labor Day weekend holiday I spent some time looking into the window in my solar oven and cooking up some plants. Goldenrod, coffee too, iron gives a greenish hue. I went looking at the things I found on my walk… […]

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Raggedy Woman


Raggedy woman showed up in my dreams looking through the window.  I would like to see her in real life, but I suspect I was channeling some Eliza Doolittle. Page three in my Recycled Journal.  Head on over to Art*Journal*Journey… and explore this month’s theme through my window and be sure to visit some of […]

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