Collage no paint


Playing with the idea of collage with no paint.  Using recycled materials and a new image card from Tim Holtz "found relatives" sanded.  Vintage fabric, a tiny bit of washi,one magazine image strip, some hemp cording and gelli printed fabric strips of my own.  Nice exercise in "no paint".  Could these be your relatives? Lucky Star is on the horizon and I will be mostly off-grid.  I will sneak in a few posts to keep you entertained and maybe a photo or two if I can find some air waves. … [Continue reading...]

Be Willing To Let Go


Be willing to let go. Be willing to expect the unexpected to show up. Be willing to try anything. Be willing.   Just be willing to let go.  My mantra of late, a daily affirmation.     … [Continue reading...]

Found Drawing Forest Sprite


Found drawing in my collage of a forest sprite.  Simple black image on a painted and collaged background inspired by the hint of a lettuce leaf from a magazine edge that formed her hair. Watercolor paper, scraps of painted paper, vintage book pages, kraft, acrylic paint, uniball black pen, gelli printed fabric. Wind, rain, thunder […]

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Art Journal — Forest Ogre


Sometimes a Forest Ogre appears when you are awakened at 3:00 a.m. I might be full of holes It’s 3:00 a.m. after all, maybe I am talking out of both sides of my mouth? Linking to AJJ.

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Still *** Life


Still***Life.  Today was a still day, humid, unnaturally warm for New England, kind of gloomy.  Today was a still day for me, tired from being sick, doing too much, not really wanting to move.  A late walk, still air, nothing moving, not a breath.  Still life, photos of things that are static.  Some natural, some […]

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Art Journal — The Forest Princess

It all started with this background in my journal

It’s been forever, almost 10 days since I had anything to post.  That’s a record for me. Being sick and preparing to move has done me in.  But tonight, despite a busy day and less coughing, I finally made time to play in my journal.  The Forest Princess feeds her tiny deer while time stands […]

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Whimsy in the Forest

Whimsy in the Forest

This month Sheila(Orange Esmerelda) is the impetus for the Art-Journal-Journey theme Deep in the Forest.  Sheila’s work is full of color and whimsy with marvelous creatures popping up here and there. In honor of her style, my first piece for the theme involves popsicle trees, treebots and the full moon.  Also in true Sheila fashion, […]

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Farmhouse Rehab – Wabi Sabi Rustic Reclaim

old door cleaned and with some Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint

I have been mostly absent from everything except working at the farmhouse and working in my office.  We are inside, sanding walls, painting walls, trimming out windows and doors and thinking about what to use for the kitchen cabinets.  Even though we had a stockpile of wood in the barn, much of it is oak […]

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Painting Just Because — Conversations


Painting just because…conversations. Stamping, scribbling, painting, connection, conversation.  

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Art Journal — Journal as Mood Board


I’ve been away from the studio table for several days while working on the farmhouse rehab.  This weekend I was noticing a blush beginning in the trees, the goldenrod beginning to fade and the daylillies drooping to the ground.  As I sat on the new deck and looked out at the yard of the farmhouse […]

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