She Released All Her Energy


She released all her energy into the universe so she could dance. Art journaling today after Snowmaggedon hit Tuesday night.  We got slammed with about three feet of snow here at our house.  After plowing and shoveling for two solid days, the driveway is clear, the deck is clear and the dogs have some dug out areas to run and play. Drifts as high as 6 feet blanket parts of the house and barn.  The dogs were trapped into tiny spaces as the back yard is totally impassable, even for them.  The … [Continue reading...]

Making Marks – Thinking Odd


Mark making, we all do it and we all have our own signature.  As a lefty, I have always thought differently about mark making because I felt like odd man out in school.  My penmanship was atrocious and I paid dearly for it.  Now I mostly print or do some version of half cursive, half print.  That's just fine by me.  I like straight lines, asemic writing, grids, squiggles, you name it,  but every mark I make is my mark, just like every mark you make is yours.  The more comfortable I become in my … [Continue reading...]

A Muse Doll for 2015 – WIP


This year I decided to create a muse doll for myself.  Something to inspire on those days when I am less than enthused.  Her name is Clover, which can be clearly seen on her feedsack body.  She is a WIP.  She had a  blue button eye, but did not like it so she asked me […]

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Bone and Spittle


Piscataqua River Notes 1/2/2015 Bone and spittle, frozen foam. Stitched forever on this one, it refused to talk to me for a while.  The blue piece at the bottom was begun for something else, or maybe just because it wanted to be made for a place to attach the skull ?rat? is our best guess. […]

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Who is the Dark Bird and where does he fly?


Bold, mystical and outsider.  He paints at the Flea(market). In his Dark Bird Palace.  Kelly Moore is one of my favorite contemporary artists and one with whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet and talk with for quite a while.  We are lucky to own a Dark Bird painting of our own and I decided […]

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The Helpers


Creating every day creates, well, the muse to create all the time.  For me, I begin to see something in every scrap lying on the table, and in this case, some kraft paper bag that had paint on it became the impetus for this journal spread.  I had used the kraft to blot a previous […]

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Eroding and Stitching


Carolyn Saxby of Love Stitching Red is back in a big way and I am so glad because I really missed being inspired by her work in 2014.  One of the things she is doing is a new Erosion Bundle, which I haven’t done for a few years since Seth’s big project. I thought it would […]

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Rustle of grasses


Piscataqua River Notes 1/1/15 Rustle of grasses and wild wind. Raw stitch, vintage feed sack, upcycled felted wool clothing remnants, felted wool, cotton fabric strips, cotton thread, cotton embroidery thread.

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Is it done yet?


When approaching art intuitively, we always ask ourselves is it done yet?  The outcome doesn’t really matter, it’s all the getting there in between beginning and being able to say it’s done.  My first real art journal page of the new year had my playing in Mix-It-Monthly with a color blocked background, and Art-Journal-Journey with a take […]

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Heart Rocks and Heiroglyphs


Piscataqua River Notes 12/31 Heart rocks and hieroglyphs Rock seams and squirrel nests A lone gull Too cold even for the geese. Raw stitch.  Vintage feed sack, vintage bark cloth, cotton thread, gesso, bamboo skewer, hemp cord, buttons  

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