Shiny Being


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Paper Purge


The purge has begun.  Today I tackled my paper stash.  I have been surrounded by boxes filled with plastic bags of various papers.  In my delusion I figured jumbo plastic bags would let me see everything better, but it was such a jumble that I could never find the vintage photos, or tissue papers, or hand-painted papers.  It was all a jumble of groups of papers from particular times in my cabinet, on my cabinet and on my shelves. Big Mess!!! What I got rid of:  Scrapbook paper of any … [Continue reading...]

Keep Out


Now that our farmhouse is almost done I’ve been thinking about doing a major purge in my brain about what I want to be creating and what no longer serves me.  And a major purge all over the house.  An after moving, gosh why did we bring that box of stuff purge.  To that event […]

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Making Mail


Did some simple stamp carving the other day and decided I had enough post cards to reply to that I’d better get making some mail.  In a short hour I’ve got 7 cards ready to go.  Not all the stamped backgrounds are mine, but each card has at least some of what I carved.  Plain […]

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Stick with me kid


Stick with me kid, I’ll keep you safe in this fish tank.   Rainy Saturday play.  Stamping with hand carved stamps, acrylic and pastels.  Digital type.  Linking to Art Journal Journey and Mix it Monthly.

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Fish Face


An odd take on the sea theme at AJJ – Fish Face Getting rid of some negative vibe in the journal. Non-handed writing and scribbling in the background.

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Odd numbers are something I resonate with, maybe it’s the spiritual world or the plant world(plant in groupings 1, 3, 5, etc) that always brings me back to odds.  Or maybe I’m just odd and that makes me comfortable.  Odds surround me too, my birthday is a 7, my street is a 127, my mail […]

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Non-Verbal Communication


The anatomy of a journal page, the bones, the guts is rarely what I expect.  It’s always a mystery this process of sorting information into visual form.  Most often the results are unexpected.  But I completely trust the process to lead me where I need to go even when it’s down through a dark tunnel […]

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A tiny seaside cottage


By the sea, the new theme over at Art-Journal-journey is up. Thanks to Valerie and Susi  for hosting and Orange Esmeralda for the theme.  I needed a good play session in my journal, it’s been a hectic as ever week.  The idea of tiny cottages by the sea, or lake, or pond has always been […]

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Back to my roots, sort of


Seeking the muse on a journey to the stars to bring me back deep into my roots, sort of…house projects have kept me from the studio.  Clutter kept me from creating but after some serious re-organization today I just moved into the journal with collage and glue stick and the muse took over. She’s a […]

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