She Sews Her Own Clothes – No Really


Bucket list milestone.  I sewed something to wear.  I never thought I would but I feel such a sense of accomplishment.  Thanks to Roxanne Lasky for inspiring me with her lovely dress at our workshop. I made a pattern from a pullover summer coverup I liked.  I dyed my first ever fabric- in this case linen with sumac in an iron pot and used this lovely fabric to make the tunic.  I stitched the side seams and shoulder seams on the machine, and did the rest by hand, letting little bits of golden … [Continue reading...]

Changing Perspective


Shifting the studio last evening to a more open space, I became acutely aware of changing perspective.  Looking at my space with new eyes to see what felt right, what felt true.  The more I looked the more intrigued I became at seeing objects and views from a changing perspective, just as I am changing in my internal view of the world.  On the edge, at an angle, altered color, blessings and grace. A composition by accident in my notebook Notebooks on the shelf Exploring … [Continue reading...]

Stitching A Life


My fingers are stiff from stitching.  Stitching a life becomes me and I become it.  I dream of stitching. Stitching my dreams into some cohesive long poem of living, I stitch here and there and write furiously in my notebook. Make sketches of ideas to stitch and write and stitch some more. The wild thing […]

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Nzabakumbuye (I will miss you all) A poem, words made visible


As Jennifer so aptly summed up in her post today, Day 4 of Sandra Brownlee’s Tactile Notebooks and the Written word was about a group of women who had not met before coming together to bring words to life in a poem that they created together.  A powerful exercise in community that is rare and sacred. […]

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Paper Dolls, Rattle and Roll


Hear the rattle, as papermaker and book artist Velma would say.  All paper has a rattle, give it a listen, please try this at home.  Pick up various sheets of paper and move them.  Give that rattle a listen.  Try various papers, scrunch them up, shake them, dance while you are at it.  Then add […]

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Post Workshop Process


Beginning the process of filtering after last week’s intense workshop with Sandra Brownlee “Tactile Notebooks and the Written Word”.  One idea at a time. The workshop was held at Long Ridge Farm in Westmoreland, NH.  A magical place where Nancy Zeller and her husband have called upon the spirits to bless that land with their good […]

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The Muses are In

A wink and a nod, a face from the river.

Have you ever thought about the muses, how they come to you, how they change, how life, time and experience bring you different muses and how they effect the affect of how the work shapes itself? I’ve a project in the works that I’ll share later, but I’ve been exploring the muses and what is gifted […]

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Lots of this and None of that


Summer is catching up with me, busy with guests, family, work, painting endless barn boards to be installed later, grandkids coming, workshop looming and I haven’t touched my art journal in over a week.  Head barely above water, but some stitching going on for a project I’ll share in full later.  Here are some glimpses […]

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Friends make art making better


I had a wonderful visit from my friend Damini this weekend.  She has a large installation in a show “Forces of Nature” at Plymouth State College and we headed up to the artist’s reception.  Her piece is visually stunning and quite complex with her offerings from nature as part of the work. This work came from […]

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Junk Mail redo


Once in a while you get a nice, heavyweight piece of junk mail you want to redo and send along to a friend.  Well, a friend sent me one and I decided to re-do it and send it back. (That friend might figure out who she is, so I better get this in the mail […]

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