Recycling in the Studio


It's good to remember that not everything we create needs to be saved.  There is that thought of the preciousness of work and what would we do if we didn't save it all. Someday I might....blah, blah, blah.  I for one am guilty of that, but I am trying to let it all go much more lately.  I unpacked another box of "stuff" old art, odd experiments, vision board kind of pieces using magazines and such and decided to recycle all but two pieces.  From that stash of "stuff" I gained 45 post card size … [Continue reading...]

This and That


It's been a this and that last few days. Working on the wall, and stitching on several projects going on simultaneously.  Not a whit of finished anywhere, but that feels right about now.  Cabin fever had set in and Ella dog and I walked the river today even though the temps hit only 12F.  Sadly we found the remains of a gorgeous hawk.  I fear the cold has caused real famine to happen in the wild population and they are going after and eating anything they can.  So sad to see a raptor down … [Continue reading...]

Dancing in the cold


It’s been so raw and cold here that all we can do is dance inside.  Dogs and people running around, skipping, jumping, chewing, tug-o-war and dancing. Oh yes, and shoveling…ready for that to be done for a while.  Did I mention cuddling with furry sweeties.  Lots of that going on and hot chocolate and naps. […]

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They Dance the Dream Together


  While painting backgrounds in my art journal yesterday, a couple of figures revealed themselves in the paint. As I was fleshing out their details, I was contemplating this cold as ever winter and thinking that maybe this sweet couple was in less than good circumstance.  Even in the face of adversity and hardship, they […]

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Snowbound Mail


One good thing about being buried under 4-5 feet of snow is that you have no excuses not to catch up on all your creative projects you have been avoiding.  It’s been ages, I mean ages, since I made a post card and I am long overdue at catching up.  Snow flying, I took the […]

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Farmhouse Update Winter 2015


Progress is slow on the inside because as many of you know, New England has been hit with massive snow storms, with yet another 14+” of snow on the way tomorrow.  But we did manage to finish our guest bath/laundry room.  So I thought I would share.  As any of you who have tackled renovation […]

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Wee Hours of the Morning


I am sure most of you wake up in the wee hours of the morning at one time or another.  This morning it was the running of I don’t know what, the bulls at Pamploma, or a circle race around the house by several canine beings that woke me up.  Since I declined to do […]

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Trickster Trail


Piscataqua River Notes: 1/4/2015 Trickster trail, coyote bridge A fallen oak, three squirrels. Fifty two geese exit the frozen sand one by one.  A flock of ducks light from the cover wing sounds in the rain. Vole scurries under branches. Raw stitch on vintage feedsack, felted wool remnant, french knots, cotton thread.

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Birds and BEASTS and Humans


The new theme for Art-Journal-Journey is up thanks to Susi and Valerie for hosting.  My journal had some ink blots from a previous page and I decided to use them to create my “beast” for the challenge.  Have you heard of the elusive crab-a-lope, that races through the fields, He wears a heart on his […]

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The Imperfect Heart


The imperfect heart is full of grace Fragile it holds empty space to fill It sees beyond superficiality to the deepest parts Of you, of me.

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