Project Coffee Table

Here are the mismatched pieces of the sign, paint splotches an all.

Searching through the house we found part of an old paint company sign in red and yellow.  They had been constructed into a box and they were sitting on the dirt floor of our basement.  After removing them and giving them a thorough cleaning, I was able to salvage some for future use.  I planned to use them on a kitchen island, but we decided that they were best used to make a coffee table for our den.  We had an unfinished base the Superhero had built out of cedar beam pieces and some 2x4"s.  I … [Continue reading...]

More mini collage for my Advent Calendar


Could it really be 6 more days since I posted these gifts to the Advent Calendar and Christmas is fast approaching.  I am already perusing Pinterest for ideas for a Christmas Brunch with my family.  There are no lack of calories to be found there, check out my food for the Goddesses board for all manner of scrumptious things. Today's collage is dedicated to a little beagle friend who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Canuk was a sweet boy and his family will miss him greatly.  An angel wing … [Continue reading...]

Projects abound in the Workshop (ours not Santa’s)


Even though the walls aren’t all painted, and there’s trim to be done, some flooring to lay and tiling away, our workshop is busy with loads of this and that.  We won’t finish in earnest till Santa’s down for his long winter’s nap. A cupboard was wanting a fresh coat of paint, some turquoise, some […]

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Fabric Collage for the Windows


Stitching, collaging, making some fabric collage to use in my studio windows.  Wanted some privacy, but not at the expense of losing all the light.  Like a garland, these 3×3 ish pieces hang vertically with rag strips in between make a semi private shade without totally blocking the view.  Hung on hemp cording, simply stitched, […]

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A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas Days 5, 6 & 7


The weekend was a mix of rain/snow and sun/cold.  I finished the first major unpacking of the studio and have it cozied up to my liking.  Still more boxes in the barn, but I am letting them sit.  I’ve plenty to do and maybe I don’t need what’s left, we’ll see.  There is always a […]

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A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas continued days 3 and 4


Our primitive Charlie Brown kind of Advent garland is turning out to be pretty sweet.  I can already see possibilities for other things emerging from these simple pieces.  December 3rd  and December 4th.  While there is not enough snow left ot make this jaunty snowman, that stars sure are pretty here at night. We got […]

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A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas


December snuck up on me and I’ve yet to put up a single decoration, that is, until this early morning.  Christmas will be here in three plus short weeks and I am still unpacking and will be into the New Year.  But I don’t want to miss the greens and glitter, the baubles and bits […]

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Around here lately


Around here lately the studio is getting gussied up A friend spend five days over Thanksgiving with us and we relaxed and stitched and she went home with her doll. The sunsets have been dramatic And the Superhero helped our contractor put in the new front door right before Thanksgiving Which was a very good […]

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Unpacking with a spirit guide


Ever since I returned from Lucky Star Art Camp I felt as if I was unpacking all that came in to my heart while getting ready to uproot and move my life.  Saturday we made the switcheroo and we are now over our heads in boxes and paper packing material.  Thank goodness for recycling. Today I […]

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Going Inward at Lucky Star


Summer and most of Autumn have floated away on the winds.  Work on the farmhouse has pre-occupied us to the point of distraction.  Living in one house but not quite and bringing back the light and whimsy to another, but not quite yet.  Lucky Star Art Camp provided an opportunity for me to teach something […]

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