Art Journal — Solitude


A little bloom upon a shelf, sitting comfy by herself. Linking to AJJ … [Continue reading...]

Farmhouse Rehab – Sailing through a sea of construction


Sailing though a sea of construction in a tiny boat.  Sometimes that's what a whole house renovation feels like.  Navigation is unsure, too many rapid decisions that need to be made all at once.  Rough chop and swells, then dead calm. I found some images in Metropolis magazine.  A crane became the mast and a cityscape became my boat. The scribble writing in the background all the confusions and decisions rolled into one.  Lots of creativity going into the project, not much coming out … [Continue reading...]

Crafting – The Finished Pouf is in the House


Some trial and error, well, error then some trials.  Finally the finished pouf is in the house.   What I did… Painted directly on 7 oz canvas with acrylic paint.  Bold, graphic designs so that the images would stand out.  Graffiti writing with permanent pens. I hand drew a pattern for a pouf that was […]

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Art Journal — Float


So tired from yard work.  It’s a good time to just float on bubbles of peace…found face in my journal, some words.  On a page of paint leftovers from other things… Linking to Piarom’s

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Inspired By — Painting Fabrics


Painting fabrics for various projects in my head including my pouf or pouf’s.  Not only is it fun getting stuck in, painting with my hands, making graffiti marks, but it’s a great stress reliever. After running back and forth to the farmhouse rehab, or working on detail in the office, messing about with the paints […]

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Inspired By — Alisa Burke


Painting on raw canvas, inspired by Alisa Burke.  Going to make some hand made canvas to make a pouffe of my own, but more like this in shape with my own colorways.  For the studio, to rest my feet upon, after painting on raw canvas for several hours.  I love poufs, pouffe’s and all manner of […]

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Art Journal — Flowers

Background for flower punch outs

What’s better to draw on a rainy day than flowers.  And since Art-Journal-Journey has a new challenge for July F*l*o*W*e*R P*o*w*e*r, I thought I would give it a try.  One revelation in making this page was the messier I got, the better the page looked.  Loose scribble and loose brush strokes provided me with much more […]

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Tiny Bits of Art to Mail


Farmhouse rehab has made me remiss in responding to my fabulous mail art friends, so I stole some time yesterday to put together some post cards.  I happened to have a box of Project Life cards in a 4×6 size, so with some magazine papers, collage bits, washi tape,  glue stick and some scissors, a […]

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Art Journal — House/Home


We’ve been furiously working at both houses, yard work at the farmhouse and spruce up at our current house….I have been dreaming of moving, moving, moving.  To some bizarre and interesting places I might add, which of course is showing up in my art journal.  Today is almost the end of the month and only […]

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Art Journal — On Some Days It’s Loss


Our art journals offer us so many feelings to express.  Joy, delight, playfulness, secrets, journey, introspection and sometimes loss.  Our beloved rescue bunny Praline is on her journey to the next life.  It may be hours, it may be days, but she is slowly leaving us.  Here companion Mr. Smudge has been comforting her, grooming […]

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