She waited for the post


I've been taking Mystele's bonus course "Simple Visual Linking" on Community Thrive.  I love her work and she always inspires me with her process.  I thought I would combine it with the Postal theme at Art-Journal-Journey and come up with a page to practice my "linking" skills.  I took some progress shots along the way so you could see where I started and where my process led me.  She waited for the post... Here is the final page and the step out is below.   … [Continue reading...]

You Send Me


You send me - postal style.   Collage for AJJ from my stash of postal goodies.  And speaking of sending, better raid my stash and get some mail art out there or my mailbox will start to cry. … [Continue reading...]

The Couple


Using up leftover paint from the brush and some ink, I found him in the background and drew her in to make up the couple.   Kind of funny, kind of tense too.  Acrylics, pen, pastels and crayons.  Linking to AJJ.

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Mr. Cool


A cool dude indeed made from foam stamps, pencil, uniball marker, acrylics and pastels. Some sticky foam eyeballs and a tubular head. Pastel lips and cheek. Sticky foam cheek. And a really long neck. To think he started here…traveling through process with Mr. Cool.  Linking to Art-Journal-Journey.

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She pulled him in to the Vortex of her influence


“She pulled him in to the vortex of her influence.” I’ll let you decide which is which.  But it all started like this… Cut outs from some printed papers and gel pens on a black background. Moved to this, feeling ever so much better with the less than cookie cutter effect. Into he/she, she/he And […]

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“His dream was to live larger than life.  But he remains a prisoner of his own timidity.” I carved some stamps on Monday and wanted to test them out as  a background in my art journal, I then covered them over with some of my own painted papers and saw this tiny figure emerge from […]

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Weekend Hodge Podge


Spent the weekend doing small projects.  Around the house, in the yard and in the studio.   Put some garlands up on the painted wall in the guest room (lavender Pino pillow by artist Katherine Dunn). Made paper flowers and put them in the hangout space.   Shibori dyed and over-dyed thrifted fabrics, t shirts […]

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She listened to messages


She listened to messages from the universe to let her know when it was okay to speak. The world of the introvert, inside her own world, waiting to feel like she belongs.  Feminine, intuitive, fearful too, but with deep longing. Magazine collage, paint, pens, glitter, tissue, digital typography.  Linking to Masculine/Feminine at Art-Journal-Journey.  

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She waited in the sun


She waited, in the sun for a friend, while wearing her most colorful hat.   Found drawing in a background paper.  Linking to

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Memory Garden


“He longs to return to the memory garden of his lost love.” Musing about the ideals of the masculine and the feminine and the notion of romantic love and the metaphor for a garden of memory came through.  Scent and beauty, the ultimate feminine, the soft masculine of longing to be in touch with that […]

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