Connectedness 2016

Connecting the dots of my creative life, mining for the tiny diamonds of my experiences, stitching them together like a string of jewels to wear.  Big changes moving forward into this new web site.  A new home to share all that my creative life, heart-ful life entails experiencing the connectedness to everything. Visioning what the future might bring.  Please look around and see what I am doing opening the door to 2016. You can now find me here:  My new post is up. … [Continue reading...]

Big Changes Afoot

Embracing my word for 2016 "connectedness". Big changes are afoot.  Fresh face forward, new ideas, connecting the dots, connecting the stitches , connecting my creative life all in one place.  Stay tuned. I'll leave you with one last post to AJJ for the year.  Now that 2015 is just about all "boxed in". … [Continue reading...]

A Christmas Angel for You

Another Angel found in my work table leftovers.  A Christmas Angel for you… May your family celebrations soar with golden light and the beauty that lives inside all of us be share with family and friends. Please visit Susi and Valerie at Art*Journal*Journey, and Carolyn at Let’s Play for their continuing friendship and sources of […]

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Seeking Stability

I’ve always been a lover of stones.  Smooth stones with stories to tell.  In our last house we were perched above a pond and I carried tons(literally) of stones home and placed them all around the yard, and in the house. Stones keep me grounded.  Their history so old, they seemed the perfect anchor to […]

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Angel of Color and Light

An angel appeared in the journal tonight, one of color and light.  He/She moved in with multiple wings, for flying power? He/She is keeping me company on this dark and rainy night.  Hope she brings some color and light to you too. Linking to AJJ, Mix It Monthly and Let’s Play

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It’s a Wrap

It’s a wrapping time of year and it was time to splash some paint around and make some paper for Christmas making.  Starting with  Red Rosin Paper, my four foot roll of floor underlayment paper, I used my Gelli Plate ™ as a plain monoprint surface I rolled on paint and flipped it over and […]

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Singular Focus

Dipping my toe back into the art journal with singular focus.  Feeling in a cyclopean mood.  Thinking about a simple word: collage.  It permeates everything I do, from my journal pages to my one pot meals.  A melding of elements and flavors too.  Affirming and defining for this journal woman, the who the what the […]

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Simple Collage Gift Bag

I’m doing a tutorial on how I made this simple collage gift bag for the holidays over at Jessica Sporn’s blog.  She’s got a week of guest tutorial’s for the holidays, don’t miss a single one. Her Menorah in yesterday’s post is so special. Joy for the season.

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Christmas is around the corner

Christmas is around the corner and will be here before we know it.  I’ve been a busy elf getting ready for the holiday art and craft show next week and feeling a bit out of the loop.  But I took a few hours on Thursday to shop local with mom and pop shops in our […]

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Underwater, holding nose, hand in the air

Underwater, holding nose, hand in the air.  Get the picture.  Craft and Holiday shows take a tremendous amount of making, all of you who have done them know oh so well.  This is the last week and then it all gets packaged and prettied up over the weekend ready to set up for Monday.   […]

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