Village Story


I captured some art time today and put together a journal page for the Cities and Villages challenge over at Mix-it-Monthly and the quotes challenge at Art-Journal-Journey.  One of my favorite older reads is "Haunted Mesa" by Louis Lamour.  A writer of western US stories, this book a  departure for him in that it dealt with spirits in the landscape rather than cowboys.  The quote I used for this journal page is from him. "I think of myself as a troubadour, a village story teller, the guy in … [Continue reading...]

Lightening Up


Nothing like a gelli print session to lighten the mood.  It's been too many days without so much as a drip of paint, a gelli bit of glitter or a raw stitch.  The morning started of grey and rainy with a cool breeze.  Walking was great, but I longed for a bit of studio time.  So out came the gelli plate and some stencils(none of which have been touched since last Fall, can't believe it) and got out my favorite Spring-y colors and away we went. A wall or two full of background pages and the way … [Continue reading...]

Free Form Alterations


Trying my hand for the first time at free form altering of some clothing. I bought this tunic a couple of years ago because I fell in love with the fabric.  The linen print is so simple and old fashioned.  But, I have never worn it because overall it felt too frou frou and too […]

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Soul Blossom


“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, the are the charming gardener’s who make our souls blossom.”  Marcel Proust Linking to the lovely Valerie an Susi at Art-Journal-Journey.  

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Mad Mod Stitch


Mad sewing today.  Destash of some painted canvas and scraps into some pillows for the studio.  Mad, and a bit of mod stitch. I made the bottom two to go along with my moonpie face. Unwrapped the Erosion Bundle as well.  Not thrilling results since I did not start until January and did not have […]

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We Are All Connected by Love


Early, early morning thoughts at about 4:30 a. m.  We are all connected by love.  In my journal intending to work on a lesson by Mystele, my process took over.  Starting with collage and  then an instagram photo.   This journal spread moved on it’s own to morph into something complete other under several layers […]

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Garden Girl


Found the time finally to make something other than house!  A quick journal page for AJJ and Mix-it-Monthly using magazine collage and paints/markers/crayons of a garden girl with an angel wing.  So longing to see some brown earth and the snow still sits.  I’d like a nice bunch of radishes myself about now.  Not even […]

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Finding Red


Red caught my eye today. Stitching red   Rusty red Mystele red BShiny red button on my garland red   Emergency red Cathy Nichols waxy red   Curtain birds red Zigzag art book red(thanks Jan) Mail art zine red (thanks Pamela) Metal red Scribble red Red in bits everywhere.  You never notice until you take […]

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It Never Turns Out Like You Planned


It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I have been pretty MIA from my art life, except for the inspiration wall.  Today I was determined to let some art light into my life.  I began a journal page for AJJ with all the intentions of drawing lightening bugs.  Well, it never turns out like […]

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Inspiration Wall


The inspiration wall in my reading/mediation nook is complete.  I finished it up last evening by hanging some pieces on the wall.  My idea was to create a nook in our master bath.  The space has fantastic light and I wanted to take advantage of it to read/meditate and even sit and hand stitch.  This […]

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