Art Journal — Map the heart to home


Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes, but the map to get there is not always obvious and the roads twist and turn.  Each day is a journey and I am reminded how important it is to focus on the road signs, the landmarks and the dips and valleys that lead to the heart.  Heart is home and home is heart. Linking to Mix-It-Monthly and Art-Journal-Journey   … [Continue reading...]

Art Journal — make a beautiful mess


Spring mess making going on all weekend.  Swapping out spring clothes for winter ones. Packing up heavy quilts and blankets and pulling out sunny, floral sheets. Bagging up things for the Salvation Army. Clearing out the duck yard from winter spent straw collections and covering all the remaining compost with old straw for new garden beds. Recycling and cleaning out the basement with the Superhero and filling the truck to go to recycling and the transfer station. Sitting in the sun with … [Continue reading...]

Art Journal — Follow Your Road Map To The Sun


Follow your road map to the sun…..and the sun is shining brightly today.  I am enjoying every warm minute of it…Be uniquely you – escape reality…I escaped my reality by sneaking in some art journaling time….it’s been a whole week and I was feeling art deprivation.  Not anymore.  A few dog walks, a mini 15 […]

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Art Doll — Springalina


Since the temps hit 70F today, I thought is was time to introduce Springalina. Springalina was born in her den in New England, where the winters are long and the nights are oh so cold.  She spends many months underground fearful for the coyotes, fisher cats, raccoons, hawks and owls who would hunt her for […]

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Keeping It Simple –Spring Spruce Up


I hadn’t done a newsletter since February, I think the winter just dragged me down down down.  Like everyone else, it’s just gone on too long.  I wanted to share this project because I that it might be just the ticket to kick us all out of our doldrums and I am sure my newsletter […]

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Art Journal — One Heart Moment at a Time


The new challenges are up at Art-Journal-Journey(Moments of Happiness)  and Mix-It-Monthly(Maps) and tonight I decided to combine both into a journal spread.  Using simple collage with scrapbook paper and a map, some stenciling with pan pastel and gelli plate gel medium fixing and some rubber stamps, this is what emerged. One Heart Moment at a […]

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Art Journal — sing to the seed, song of growth


Sing to the seed, song of growth.  Channeling the rain, noticing the green that is being revealed as the snow is washed away…singing, seeing, living the growth.

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Art Journal — Dear Deer


Deer have been showing up everywhere.  In my friend Damini’s work, in Kelly Moore’s work(one of my favorite artists), in nature as a bush that looks like deer, tree branches resembling a fawn, deer hoof prints on the frozen ground.  Fragile, gentle, movement into the new(even though Spring refuses to cooperate) dear deer is showing […]

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Mail Art — Inventing Spring


If Spring won’t come to me then I will come to Spring.  Making post cards to celebrate the burst of color that is Spring.  Using gelli printed papers, leftovers, magazine bits, rubber stamps and permanent stamping inks.  A riot of color spills from my work surface ready to bloom into mail boxes everywhere.  Now to […]

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Art Journal — More Random Collage


My head is going every which way so the ONLY way to center is to random journal using magazine images, paint and gel pens…getting out of my head and joining the fun at Art-Journal-Journey… Two heads – or is it three heads are always better than one?  Are they?  Happy Weekend everyone, thanks for visiting […]

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